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作者 Save the Children (UK), 4 Positions



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Save the Children (UK) works to create a better future for children. As one of the few child-focused international organisations working in China, Save the Children UK addresses the needs of the most marginalised children and young people through direct interventions, training programmes, research and advocacy work. Save the Children UK’s work is underpinned by our commitment to make a reality of the rights of children, first spelt out by its founders and now enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Save the Children UK’s Global Organisational Plan over the next five years identifies four key objectives which are:
* Health - Access to quality local health services
* Freedom from hunger - Local safety nets to reduce malnutrition
* Education - Access to and completion of quality, inclusive basic education
* Protection - Access to, and quality of, local and national protection systems
Save the Children UK China Programme is seeking dynamic and qualified professionals for three vacancies in the Xinjiang Programme:

Deputy Programme Manager of Xinjiang Programme (One post)
The Deputy Programme Manager is expected to work closely with and support the Programme Manager in carrying out responsibilities outlined under “Key Accountabilities” described below in a way that helps to develop the ability and skills of the post-holder in programme development, administration and management and eventually assume all roles and responsibilities related to the management of the entire Xinjiang Programme, if successful during the Deputy Programme Manager phase of work.

The post holders will be based in Urumqi, XUAR. SC UK China Programme will offer a competitive salary as well as an excellent benefits package

The following requirements apply to the posts:
A. Relevant professional qualifications, education and skills in applicable field
B. The ability to think critically and plan strategically
C. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, including written documentation
D. Networking, negotiation and representation skills
E. Good command of both spoken and written English & Chinese, ethnic minority language skill highly desirable
F. Computing skills including word processing, spreadsheet and internet/email applications
G. The ability to withstand work pressure and travel extensively
H. Commitment to children’s rights and childrens’ participation
I. Ability to work independently and as part of a team
J. Awareness of, and interest in, childrens’ social issues in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and throughout China.

If you are interested in the above positions, please visit: www.savethechildren.org.cn At the ‘contact us’ tab ?C go to Seeking Job to download the full Job Description for the post and the standard Application Form and email the finished application form to: urumqioffice@savethechildren.org.cn.
The closing date for collecting applications is Friday 30th June, 2006. Only short-listed candidates will be notified in due course for interview which is likely to take place at the end of June 2006 or the beginning of July 2006. No telephone calls please.



1. 项目副总经理(一名,工作地点:拉萨)

2. 儿童权利项目经理(一名, 工作地点:拉萨)

3. 儿童权利项目官员(一名,市工作地点:拉萨)


1. 具备流利的中英文的口头及书面交流能力;(会藏语者优先考虑)
2. 关注中国与儿童相关的社会问题;
3. 尊重和遵守英国救助儿童会的《儿童保护政策》;
4. 富于团队精神,具备良好的交流、沟通和协调能力;
5. 具备一定的计算机操作技能和专业报告写作的能力;
6. 项目副总经理要求具备三年以上相关的人力资源管理和开发的经验及在健康,教育,创收等领域的相关工作经历。优先考虑在相关领域有长期的管理工作经验、熟悉和了解西藏地区非政府组织机构工作方式的人员。

有意者请到拉萨北京东路83号拉萨岗坚饭店307领取正式的申请表和详细的工作职责说明书或点击www.savethechildren.org.cn的<职位空缺>栏目去下载详细的工作职责说明书和正式的申请表,并将填好的正式申请表(请务必在邮件主题和申请表中注明所申请的职位)于2006年7月7日前发送至dawa@savethechildren.org.cn. 我们会在2006年7月14日前通知合适的申请者参加面试。敬请留意。

联系人: 达娃 索朗
电话:)0891-6328664 ,0891-6334854 传真:0891-6339700


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